Popular Services

Onboarding, Offboarding and Employee Position Changes

Order a computer, Recycle a technology device, setup a new computer, move technology to a new location

New software purchase or existing software renewal.

Pull data from one or multiple areas to use in decision-making. Different formats and methods are available.

Wi-Fi technology is used to provide local network and Internet access to college devices.

Use this service to submit a new project request with Technology Services.

Request a data investigation and possible reporting change if there are questions or concerns related to the validity of the information provided.

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) adopted by the college.

WinPrism and WebPrism are Bookstore operations applications

Cognos is a web-based reporting platform. It uses data that has been entered in Banner and updates 3 times per day.

Update content on any of the college website properties or request new pages be created.

Add or Change Budget Code, Move a Printer, Add or Change Budget Code, Key Fob Printing

Banner accounts, getting access to Banner, changing access to Banner

Create or Update an Email List, Verify Email Address Lists, and get help with Secure Email sending and receiving

Learn how to view status of active projects that have been approved, scheduled and staffed.

Banner and Banner Admin general assistance

Request help with a survey to collect data from students, employees, or other individuals.

It’s essential for Technology Services to have a clear understanding of the software requirements in the faculty computer labs. By completing this survey, faculty members can contribute to a more efficient and well-equipped learning environment for students.

My Northeast (Banner Self-Service)

Access your favorite Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive and OneNote all in the Microsoft 0365 cloud as well as on your desktop or mobile device.

Create or Update a Form to add in process automation with approvals, tasks, other workflow items.

access degree information, advisor information, course plans

S: Drive, Shared Drives, Department drives