Purchase Software

What Is It?

When you need new software for your class or for your role at the college there is a specific process to follow before a purchase can be made.  The software needs to be evaluated on a number of criteria, installed and tested on our hardware, licensed by the institution, and then deployed to the correct device(s).

If you have been using software and it's time for renewal, Technology Services is happy to help with that too.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty as a requirement for their program on a college-owned device.
Staff as a requirement of their role on a college-owned device.

Where Can I Get It?

New software needs to be purchased through Technology Services.  Click the "Purchase New Software" button to get started.
Software renewals need to be processed through Technology Services.  Click the "Software Renewal" button to get started.

What Can I Expect?

Support Tiers

Tier 1 - Technology Services Support: Faculty and students who contact support would receive help with escalation to a predefined technology team who provides expert support. 


Purchase New Software Software Renewal Get Help with Purchasing Software


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Service Offerings (3)

New Purchase of Software
Get Help with purchasing new software for your computer or a classroom.
Software Renewal
Help with renewing software licenses and keys
Get Help with Purchasing Software
If Purchasing Software isn't working at all or doesn't seem to be working right