Employee Services

What Is It?

When you hire a new employee, have an employee leave, or move an employee to a different position, there are a number of changes that happen.  From Banner access to phones and email systems, there are approximately 12 different areas that need to be notified of the change.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Human Resources will use this request to either onboard, offboard, or change an employees position.  Please work with the HR office first.

Where Can I Get It?

Contact Human Resources.

What Can I Expect?

Support Tiers

Tier 1 - Technology Services Support: Any eligible person who contacts support would receive help with escalation to a predefined Northeast technology team. 

Onboard a New Employee Request an Employee Position Change Offboard a Current Employee Adjunct Onboarding Request Get Help with Employee Services


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Fri 10/28/22 2:33 PM
Tue 6/27/23 10:15 AM

Service Offerings (5)

Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding is the process to get everything ready for a new employee.
Employee Position Change
Used when an employee transitions from one position to another - or needs their information updated in a number of systems.
Offboard a Current Employee
Exiting an employee from the institution.
Adjunct Onboarding Request
Use this service offering when hiring a new adjunct instructor or lab assistant. To request changes to this form please reach out to Faye Kilday, Becky Wrage, or Marissa Sudbeck.
Get Help with Employee Services
If our Employee Services isn't working at all or doesn't seem to be working right